sexta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2010

Defesa de Vargas Llosa

Caro Filipe Moura, para além de ser um bom escritor, o Vargas Llosa não é tão ultra-mega-hiper-neoliberal como alguma direita blogo-esférica gostaria que o fosse. Considera o seguinte.
  • «With regard to religion, gay marriage, abortion and such, liberals like me, who are agnostics as well as supporters of the separation between church and state and defenders of the decriminalization of abortion and gay marriage, are sometimes harshly criticized by other liberals who have opposite views on these issues. These discrepancies are healthy and useful because they do not violate the basic precepts of liberalism, which are political democracy, the market economy and the defense of individual interests over those of the state. For example, there are liberals who believe that economics is the field through which all problems are resolved and that the free market is the panacea for everything from poverty to unemployment, marginalization and social exclusion. These liberals, true living algorithms, have sometimes generated more damage to the cause of freedom than did the Marxists, the first champions of the absurd thesis that the economy is the driving force of the history of nations and the basis of civilization. It simply is not true. Ideas and culture are what differentiate civilization from barbarism, not the economy. The economy by itself, without the support of ideas and culture, may produce optimal results on paper, but it does not give purpose to the lives of people; it does not offer individuals reasons to resist adversity and stand united with compassion or allow them to live in an environment permeated in humanity.» (Mario Vargas Llosa, Confessions of a Liberal)
Já agora: é estranho, no mínimo, que a direita portuguesa não tenha celebrado tão estrondosamente o Nobel da literatura de 2009, de Herta Muller, que escreve sobre os gulags e a Securitate. A única explicação que encontro é que continuamos (pelo menos, culturalmente) mais latino-americanos do que europeus.