terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010

E por falar em mulheres horríveis...

Há uma ou duas semanas um comediante daqui - Louis CK - embebedou-se durante um voo e mandou umas mensagens para o twitter em que dizia que a Sarah Palin era um Hitler. Caiu-lhe o Carmo e a Trindade em cima (na América não se pode comparar ninguém com Hitler!)

Na semana passada foi convidado para um show ao vivo e quando chegou ao estúdio percebeu que a outra convidada era a filha da dona Sarah Palin: uma miúda feia, gorda, mãe solteira, sozinha, nervosíssima...

As palavras dele, mais tarde, sobre esta situação são deliciosas e merecem ser repetidas:

"Yeah. OK. I wrote mean things about Sarah Palin on Twitter. And not because I'm political. But because it's fun. I do think she's Hitler. But that's not why I do it. I do it because it's fun. But I let myself have fun at her expense, because she's Hitler. Her being Hitler allows me in my head to say mean things about her, but that's not the reason. The reason is because it's just fun. Because she's just an amazing, beautiful perfect villain. She's just crystalline. She says things that are at perfect right angles to truth and reason, and that blows me away. It's poetry when that woman speaks. And I'm sexually attracted to her boobs. She's sexually attractive, to me. But I do think she's terribly dangerous, and I do think she could really Hitler up the place. And by the way, once, I wrote on Twitter that she's the new Hitler, and I got this immediate -- like, immediate -- email on the same device, from somebody that I kinda, whatever, I don't want to say who, who said, 'You gotta take that down. You can't compare a person in the public eye to someone who killed six million Jews.' And I said, 'Well, I'm not saying that she's that Hitler. She's the early Hitler, when he was building power. I don't know how many Jews he was going to kill. But I know that she's building power the same way. Hitler was voted into office through this weird, like he took a bunch of seats, and he got this party going, and he just started intimidating people, and that's exactly what she's doing. Again. I don't care. I'm not political, but why not? Fuck it. If Hitler was running, I'd say 'Hey, fucking losers, suck my dick, Hitler!' And I wouldn't feel like, oh, that's not that nice. Fuck 'em. He's Hitler.

"So I write things about her, people living in her cunt, or whatever it is, and then, yeah, so I go on the Tonight Show. I had no idea. Until I arrived, and I'm walking past the dressing room and it's Bristol, her fucking daughter is on the show. And we sat there, and she talked to Jay, but she, to me, I just saw a young girl who's very nervous -- she was terribly nervous -- be on the Tonight Show. And after her segment I told her, 'You did a good job. That's not easy.' And she said, 'Thank you.' She's very nice. So she invited me to stand there and dance. And I knew I was paying some kind of penance, for what I'd done, I'm standing there like this, me, Bristol Palin, fucking Jay Leno, and some dude from Dancing with the Stars, and I'm standing there kinda like this, and I'm like, this is totally karma. Pretty direct karma."