quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2007

Myanmar: começou a violência

  • «Beginning the second day of their crackdown on nationwide protests in Myanmar before dawn today, security forces raided at least two Buddhist monasteries, beating and arresting dozens of monks, according to reports from the capital, Yangon. (...) On Wednesday, in a chaotic day of huge demonstrations, shooting, teargas and running confrontations between protesters and the military, many people were reported injured and half a dozen were reported to have been killed, most of them by gunshots.» (New York Times)

Com os primeiros mortos (ontem), e com a repressão a passar das ruas para a esfera privada (a noite passada), a junta militar de Myanmar começa a dar sinais de optar pela «solução Tianamen». As próximas horas serão decisivas.

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