sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

Manifestações contra a ACTA

Cito parte deste texto, como mote para as várias manifestações anti-ACTA que acontecem hoje, e nas quais participarei (estou de saída agora). Espero encorajar o leitor a participar também:

«Negotiations around ACTA, until very late stages, took place in secret. These discussions took place between relatively wealthy nations and trade associations such as MPAA and RIAA, with the aim of creating a “gold standard” of intellectual property protection. This agreement will have implications far beyond the countries that negotiated it, which angers citizens who believed that their constitutions would protect them from such outside influence, and are naturally concerned that certain checks and balances were not part of the process.

Without input from ordinary citizens there are concerns that the agreement is not in the public interest, and instead stands to benefit MPAA and RIAA. Alarm bells concerning the blurring of the lines between copyright protection and outright censorship were raised as far back as 2010, when a representative of MPAA stated at an ACTA meeting in Mexico; "Bring in a censoring firewall to block piracy and you can use it to shut off sites that embarrass your government, like Wikileaks.
[Negrito acrescentado]

Em Portugal, a manifestação está marcada para Viseu (Praça da República), Porto (Av. dos Aliados), Coimbra (Praça da República) e Lisboa (Marquês de Pombal), às 11h30.

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