domingo, 20 de novembro de 2005

American heroes (1.4): Thomas Jefferson

«I have ever judged of the religion of others by their lives.... It is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be read. By the same test the world must judge me. But this does not satisfy the priesthood. They must have a positive, a declared assent to all their interested absurdities. My opinion is that there would never have been an infidel, if there had never been a priest. The artificial structures they have built on the the purest of all moral systems, for the purpose of deriving from it pence and power, revolt those who think for themselves, and who read in that system only what is really there.»

(Thomas Jefferson, numa carta a Harrison Smith, em 1816.)

2 comentários :

Gaspar LDVS disse...

E só agora vejo este tão extraordinário espaço que fala do que eu defendo como se fosse eu!!!

Ricardo Alves disse...

Bem vindo, Gaspar.