quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

Revista de blogues (19/7/2012)

  • «(...) If Sarah Palin were black, her daughter's out of wedlock, "baby daddy drama" would have been presented as an example of both pathological behavior and a dysfunctional family that is symbolic of the social problems in that community. If Sarah Palin were black, never would the poor decision making by the Palin family be marked off as challenges overcome, or deeds to be valorized. If Sarah Palin were black, her neo-secessionist husband would have been the death knell for her political career, because as we all know you can't trust "those people." If Sarah Palin were black, her lack of intellectual curiosity, willful and cultivated ignorance, and lack of grace both written and spoken, would not be taken as "folksy." Instead, Palin would be viewed as unqualified for any public office. If Sarah Palin were black she would be tarred and feathered as an "affirmative action baby." (...)» (Chauncey de Vega, via Der Terrorist)

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Para a Posteridade e mais Além disse...

é a visão mais ethno com menos ethos de sempre
o berço é grego mesmo....