domingo, 19 de julho de 2009

Burca: uma voz islâmica pela proibição

Parece que nem todos os muçulmanos tomam a proibição da burca como um ataque à sua religião, à sua «identidade cultural», à castidade das suas mulheres ou a qualquer um dos seus direitos. Fica aqui a voz de uma mulher xíita que acha que, pelo contrário, a burca é um ataque aos direitos das mulheres.
  • «I am a Shia Muslim and I abhor the burqa. I am offended by the unchallenged presumption that women covering their heads and bodies and now faces are more pious and true than am I. (...)

    The disease is progressive. It started 20 years ago with the hijab, donned then as a defiant symbol of identity, now a conscript's uniform. Then came the jilbab, the cloak, fought over in courts when schoolgirls were manipulated into claiming it as an essential Islamic garment. If so, hell awaits the female leaders of Pakistan and Bangladesh. (...) Racism is an evil but should never be used as an alibi to acquit oppressions within black and Asian or religious communities. That cry was used to deter us from exposing forced marriages and dowry deaths and black-upon-black violence. (...) Muslim women who show their hair are becoming an endangered species. We must fight back. Our covered-up sisters do not understand history, politics, struggles, their faith or equality. As Rahila Gupta, campaigner against domestic violence, writes: "This is a cloth that comes soaked in blood. We cannot debate the burqa or the hijab without reference to women in Iran, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia where the wearing of it are heavily policed and any slippages are met with violence." What happened to solidarity? (...) We communicate with each other with our faces. To deny that interaction is to deny our shared humanity. Unreasonable community or nationalistic expectations disconnect essential bonds. Governments should not accommodate such demands. Naturists can't parade on the streets, go to school or take up jobs unless they cover their nakedness. Why should burqaed women get special consideration? (...)» (Independent)

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Filipe Castro disse...

Li no Monde que em França a comunidade islâmica quer ajudar o governo a combater as burcas e o que elas representam (incluindo esconder as nódoas negras).