sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2009

Obama perante os laicistas

A Americans United for Separation of Church and State partilha as suas preocupações com o novo presidente dos EUA (ver abaixo). Infelizmente, não creio que a mudança, a este respeito, seja grande.
  1. «Urge immediate repeal of Bush-era executive orders promoting “faith-based” initiatives George Bush implemented his pet projects via executive orders and regulatory changes. These outrageous regulations can be nullified by the stroke of a pen. AU will work to see that happen!
  2. Push for reform of the White House faith-based office AU will begin by pressing for new rules stating that religious groups can’t preach on the taxpayer dime or pressure people in need to take part in religious worship. We’ll demand reasonable oversight and insist that the office be de-politicized.
  3. Make sure America gets better judges AU must work with Senators to make sure that only judges who understand the wisdom and values of our Constitution are confirmed from district courts up to the Supreme Court!
  4. Demand reform of the U.S. Department of Justice Under Bush, attorneys at the Justice Department worked hand-in-hand with the Religious Right to erode church-state separation and trample on our rights. Americans United will fight hard to ensure that the department protects rather than tramples Americans' religious freedoms.
  5. Ensure the end of federal support for school vouchers AU will continue to educate lawmakers as to why vouchers are not the way to go, pushing especially for an end to the Washington, DC voucher program.
  6. Prompt the severing of the tie between fundamentalism and the U.S. military Fundamentalist Christian groups have ingratiated themselves into all branches of the U.S. military. Americans United will continue its watchdog activities, speaking out when violations occur.
  7. Promote public policy based on science, not theology For eight years, the Bush administration played favorites by constantly kowtowing to its fundamentalist allies and ignoring or sidelining scientists when making public policy decisions. AU will push for sound science as the basis for policy decisions, continue our critical education efforts, and will litigate whenever necessary to prevent religion from being taught in science classrooms.
  8. Help preserve the ban on church politicking The Alliance Defense Fund spent much of last year urging pastors to openly defy the law banning church politicking, eager to get a new test case in the courts. AU must be ready to meet this legal challenge and make sure the ban on pulpit politicking is upheld by Congress.
  9. Encourage legislators to block sectarian resolutions Religious Right groups have successfully pushed through resolutions or symbolic statements in Congress, state legislatures and local governments to promote Christianity. Though they don't have the force of law, they're still offensive, sending the message that some Americans are second-class citizens based on what they believe (or don’t believe) about religion. AU will oppose such efforts wherever they arise.» (Americans United)

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João Vasco disse...

Espero que melhorem muito os aspectos 3, 4, 6, 7 e talvez até 9.

Quanto aos outros, piorar é difícil, mas a campanha do Obama também não permite prever grandes melhorias.

Filipe Castro disse...

Eu estou muito pessimista. Os EUA são um país eminentemente rural, cheio de comunidades isoladas para quem a religião é a unica forma de cola social. Fora das grandes cidades (e não todas) a América vive no século XVII.

Impor-lhes racicínio lógico, direitos humanos, monogamia e uma educação baseada em factos científicos é impossível. Pelo menos enquanto a extrema-direita controlar a telefonia em AM.

Os neo-liberais usam a religião para manter os pobres ocupados e não os deixar pensar em problemas sociais.

Acho até possível que o criacionismo se imponha em alguns estados, como reacção a esta eleição.