sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2008

Joseph Stiglitz: «Turn left for growth»

  • «Both the left and the right say they stand for economic growth. (...) Growth is not just a matter of increasing GDP. It must be sustainable: growth based on environmental degradation, a debt-financed consumption binge, or the exploitation of scarce natural resources, without reinvesting the proceeds, is not sustainable. Growth also must be inclusive; at least a majority of citizens must benefit. Trickle-down economics does not work: an increase in GDP can actually leave most citizens worse off.


    (...) So it is essential to ensure that everyone can live up to their potential, which requires educational opportunities for all. A modern economy also requires risk-taking. Individuals are more willing to take risks if there is a good safety net. If not, citizens may demand protection from foreign competition. Social protection is more efficient than protectionism. (...) A second major difference between left and right concerns the role of the state in promoting development. The left understands that the government’s role in providing infrastructure and education, developing technology, and even acting as an entrepreneur is vital. (...) The final difference may seem odd: the left now understands markets, and the role that they can and should play in the economy. The right, especially in America, does not. (...) They believe in a strong state with robust executive powers, but one used in defense of established interests, with little attention to market principles. The list of examples is long, but it includes subsidies to large corporate farms, tariffs to protect the steel industry, and, most recently, the mega-bail-outs of Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. (...) Markets are not self-correcting in the relevant time frame. No government can sit idly by as a country goes into recession or depression, even when caused by the excessive greed of bankers or misjudgment of risks by security markets and rating agencies. (...) Even in his era, businesses found that they could increase profits more easily by conspiring to raise prices than by producing innovative products more efficiently. There is a need for strong anti-trust laws.» (Joseph Stiglitz)

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Filipe Castro disse...

'Trickle-down economics' é mais outro eufemismo para a cleptocracia dos chicagoboys.

Tanta testosterona e depois não têm coragem para chamar os bois pelos nomes, roubo ao roubo, mentiras às mentiras, assassínios aos assassínios.

Tenho reparado que os neo-liberais são todos um bocado maricas. Girly Men, como diz o 'governator' da Califórnia.

Aqui passaram o fim de semana, lascarinos, a lamberem as botas ao Obama. Para a semana, se calhar, ninguém era a favor da invasão do Iraque. Mete nojo, mas ao mesmo tempo faz pena.