terça-feira, 25 de março de 2008

Maryam Namazie: «Against sexual apartheid»


Whilst the anti-imperialist left defends and justifies political Islam on the one hand, the virulently racist and right-wing defends US militarism and the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine on the other. They include groups and organisations like Jihad Watch and the Horowitz Freedom Center. The latter even has an ‘Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week’ and rattles off fact after fact about the horrendous status of women under Islam so that it can help promote the neocon agenda of bombing men, women and children into ‘liberated’ swamps like Iraq. Like the
Stop Islamisation of Europe campaign, these groups have ‘difficulty with the concept of moderate Muslim’ and believe the ‘onus is on Muslims to ensure the safety of non-Muslims.’ Why? As if the onus of safeguarding Spaniards is on all those who are Basque or deemed to be Basque.

They are ‘concerned’ about the ‘rights’ of women and apostates so they can ban the Koran and ‘Muslim immigration.’ So they can stop the sub-human teeming hordes destroying the Christian nature of Europe and the West. They are quite happy to defend Christian religious morality, restrict the benefits due single mothers, demand exemptions from the Sexual Orientation Regulations, bar funds for AIDS- related and contraception-related health services abroad if they provide abortions and consider the women’s rights movement’s fight for equality ‘the destruction of the nuclear family and of the power structures of society in general'. According to their warped worldview, ‘the West has skyrocketing divorce rates and plummeting birth rates, leading to a cultural and demographic vacuum that makes [it] vulnerable to a take-over'.

Both anti-imperialist left and the right-wing refuse to see millions of people as truly human - with innumerable differences of opinions, and belonging to vast social movements and progressive organisations and parties - and worthy of the same rights and dignity as they believe is their due. Despite all their language to the contrary, the politics of both sides has nothing to do with improving and changing the lot of humanity and women’s status.


(Maryam Namazie)

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Igor Caldeira disse...

Uma das maiores tentações é precisamente olhar para os anti-islamistas como aliados de causas como a libertação das mulheres, o que é totalmente falso.