domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

césar: de abominável a... gibão!

Pobre César: nem nos nossos inquéritos se safa. Eu bem lhe dei o meu apoio... mas de pouco serviu! A maior parte dos nossos leitores pode não perceber mas o pobre César não deve ter uma vida nada fácil... Afinal, quão fácil pode ser passar uma vida inteira a negar... a própria natureza humana?! [1]

«[...] [T]he human species did not evolve in monogamous, nuclear families but rather in small, intimate groups where “most mature individuals would have had several ongoing sexual relationships at any given time.” We are the descendants of these multimale-multifemale mating groups [...]

“No animal spends more of its allotted time on Earth fussing over sex than Homo sapiens,” they write. In fact, the animal world is filled with species who confine their sexual behavior to just a few periods each year, the only times when conception is possible. Among apes the only monogamous species are the gibbons whose infrequent, reproduction-only copulations make them much better adherents of the Vatican’s guidelines than we are. [...] Repressing our sexuality should not be confused with reining in an “animal” nature; rather, it is denying one of the most unique aspects of what it means to be human. [...]

In 1967 George P. Murdock’s Ethnographic Atlas reported that only 14.5% of modern preindustrial societies could be classified as monogamous. Yet, in the West, researchers commonly refer to humans as “serially monogamous,” [...] But with over half of divorces occurring because of infidelity and one in 25 dads unknowingly raising children that they didn’t father, this is not a picture that fits comfortably with monogamy of any sort, serial or otherwise. [...]»

[1] --- Sexy Beasts, Seed Magazine [Setembro 2010]

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Ricardo Alves disse...

Citando o Jared Diamond de memória, os gorilas são polígamos em sentido estrito (macho dominante + haréns de fêmeas), os gibões, como dizes, formam casais, os chimpanzés são alegremente promíscuos, e nós ficamos, em número de parceiros, entre os chimpanzés e os gibões. Mas isto é de memória. ;)

dorean paxorales disse...

presumes tu que o abominável 'acreditará' na teoria evolução...