segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

celebrando mais uma efeméride

É muito interessante comparar pontos de vista, diferentes lembranças. Por um lado há quem queira fazer do homem santo:

«[...] Há exactamente cinco anos era feito o anúncio à multidão concentrada na Praça de S. Pedro, de que o Papa tinha falecido. [...]

O fenómeno que se passou depois da sua morte é também revelador do que foi o seu pontificado [...] Foi um dos maiores pontificados da história da Igreja. [...]

O seu processo de beatificação está já na recta final, aguarda-se que Bento XVI anuncie ainda este ano a tão esperada data para elevar João Paulo II aos altares. [...]»

Mas, por outro, é importante não apagar da memória uma longa lista de factos que, mesmo para os crentes, deveriam fazer pensar duas vezes antes de chamar santo a quem quer que seja... Nas palavras supra-citadas, revele-se então o seu pontificado:

«[...] He described Chile's fascist dictator General Augusto Pinochet and his wife as "an exemplary Christian couple", despite knowing they had mounted an anti-democratic coup and murdered tens of thousands of socialists and democrats. When the dictator was finally about to be brought to justice for his crimes against humanity after being intercepted here in Britain, the Pope called for his release.[...]

In his recent book, Memory and Identity, the Pope railed against all existing democracies, saying the West is sunk in "nihilism" and that "democratic parliaments are the carriers". This is not the gospel of a champion of democracy - one of the many fatuous garlands tossed onto his coffin. [...]

The Pope's response to the greatest threat to human life in our times - Aids in Africa - was to make it far worse. He did not simply preach abstinence, as some apologists have argued. No; he ordered his Church to promote the lie that condoms are useless. The head of the Vatican's office on the family, Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, announced that condoms contain "tiny holes" that let the HIV virus through. [...]

These lies about condoms were proclaimed from pulpits in rural African churches where illiterate villagers often had no other source of information. The Pope's message condemned them to a death as slow and agonising as his own; only they will not be dubbed saints, but sinners. [...]

For decades, the Pope headed an institution responsible for the mass rape of children. He was warned repeatedly of this abuse, and he did nothing. He was continuing the approach of his predecessor John XXIII, who decreed in the early 1960s that child molesters in the Church must be handled "in the most secretive way... restrained by a perpetual silence". John did not make any moves to stop priests abusing children. When the fuss became too great, he simply moved them on to a new diocese with new children.

This strategy was - if anything - deepened by John Paul II, who issued a directive demanding Church "secrecy" in cases of child abuse. [...]»

[1] --- João Paulo II faleceu há cinco anos, Renascença [Abril 2010]
[2] --- History will judge the Pope far more harshly than the adoring crowds in Rome, Johann Hari [April 2005]

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